OCDS Kit 1.1.13ΒΆ

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A suite of command-line tools for working with OCDS data to:

  • create compiled releases, versioned releases and record packages

  • upgrade from an old version of OCDS to a new version

  • detect the format of an OCDS file

  • wrap releases in a release package, or records in a record package

  • combine small packages into large packages

  • split large packages into small packages

  • generate a spreadsheet version of a JSON schema


Want to download OCDS data? Use the OCP Data Registry.

If you are viewing this on GitHub or PyPI, open the full documentation for additional details.

Check out the tutorial for an interactive guide to installing and using OCDS Kit.

To install:

pip install ocdskit

To improve performance, install as pip install ocdskit[perf], unless you are using PyPy.

OCDS Kit requires a supported version of Python 3. Users with Python 2 as their default Python interpreter must either run pip3 install ocdskit, set up a Python 3 virtual environment, or use OCDS Kit within a Docker container.

OCDS Kit can be used either via its command-line interface or as a Python library.

Copyright (c) 2017 Open Contracting Partnership, released under the BSD license