OCDS Kit 0.2.8ΒΆ

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A suite of command-line tools for working with OCDS data to:

  • create compiled releases, versioned releases and record packages
  • upgrade from an old version of OCDS to a new version
  • detect the format of an OCDS file
  • wrap releases in a release package, or records in a record package
  • combine small packages into large packages
  • split large packages into small packages
  • load packages into a database
  • validate JSON data against a JSON schema
  • generate a spreadsheet version of a JSON schema

If you are viewing this on GitHub or PyPi, open the full documentation for additional details.

To install:

pip install ocdskit

To improve performance, install as pip install ocdskit[perf] and install the YAJL system library (for example, on macOS, run brew install yajl).

OCDS Kit requires Python 3.6 or greater. Users with Python 2 as their default Python interpreter must either run pip3 install ocdskit, set up a Python 3 virtual environment, or use OCDS Kit within a Docker container.

OCDS Kit can be used either via its Command-Line Interface or as a API Reference.

Copyright (c) 2017 Open Contracting Partnership, released under the BSD license