OC4IDS Commands

Optional arguments for all commands are:

  • --encoding ENCODING the file encoding
  • --ascii print escape sequences instead of UTF-8 characters
  • --pretty pretty print output
  • --root-path ROOT_PATH the path to the items to process within each input

The inputs can be concatenated JSON or JSON arrays.

Handling edge cases

See the guidance for Handling edge cases in OCDS. You can use the same approaches with OC4IDS data.


Reads project packages from standard input, and prints smaller project packages for each.

Mandatory positional arguments:

  • size the number of projects per package
cat tests/fixtures/oc4ids/project_package.json | ocdskit split-project-packages 1 | split -l 1 -a 4

The split command will write files named xaaaa, xaaab, xaaac, etc. Don’t combine the OCDS Kit --pretty option with the split command.